Book Review: The Power of Isolation: How Silence is Golden

Book Review: The Power of Isolation: How Silence is Golden

The Power of Isolation: How Silence is Golden by Janine Vance

125 pages
available in paperback or Kindle using links above

My Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

I think the title of the book is slightly misleading – for me it conjures up images of going to a cabin in the middle of nowhere for some self imposed isolation. An idea I could totally support some days! The book is more about using moments of silence to tune in to your self and your world around you.

The author talks about moments that are longer spans of purposeful meditation or even just a simple walk while listening to your inner self. The focus is heavy on meditation and journaling to clear and free your mind, but also discusses themes from Buddhism and Taoism as well as Reiki for a complete picture of mindfulness. As someone who identifies as being an introvert, having moments of silence and isolation are things that feed my soul. I haven’t purposefully spent time doing meditation or silent reflection because I always figure there isn’t time or the situation isn’t “right”. This book will help you to get past those notions and help you actually put these silent moments into practice.

I definitely think this is a worthwhile book for anyone looking to explore the “self” or anyone just needing advice on how to slow down and be more mindful. Overall a great read!

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.*

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