Can I Be A Stay At Home Mom?

Can I Be A Stay At Home Mom?

It all started with an out of the blue comment by my husband.

“Hey, what if you just stay home with the kids for a while?”

My immediate reaction was, “I can’t do that!? We can’t afford that!” And I immediately set out to make a budget and prove to him that we couldn’t afford it. Or could we? Could I really be a stay at home mom?

Suddenly my mind was racing with all the what ifs.

“Are we doing this? Can we do this? How will we do this?”

Am I really becoming a stay at home mom?

After much prayer and discussion we decided that I will become a stay at home mom. That is still a very weird sentence for me to type because it is all so new. I am leaving my career I’ve had for over 10 years to care for our family and our home. In all honesty, I am feeling slightly overwhelmed with this decision. It is exciting and scary and an interesting challenge all at the same time.


…because I will finally be able to participate in things like toddler library days and school field trips. I will be able to care for my kids when they are sick without worrying who will call in to their job or work the weekend to make up for lost hours. If school or daycare are cancelled due to weather, it won’t be a minor emergency to secure backup childcare. I can take the kids to visit out-of-state family for an extended trip instead of a way too short long weekend – maybe even visiting during holidays that were always impossible to take off work. There are so many possibilities that open up and stressors that can be relieved with this decision.


…because I am leaving the career I’ve had for over 10 years. My field is on that is constantly changing and requires continuing education yearly. Will I be able to maintain my skill set while staying home? Will I be able to maintain my credentials? With me being out of the workforce, our income will be essentially cut in half. Will our new budget work for us? And what if I hate being a stay at home mom?

An Interesting Challenge…

…because it will force us to go back to basics and stick to a very tight budget. We will have to find creative ways to save and make money as well as cut expenses. We will be cutting out small luxuries including ones that may be a little painful to give up. (Goodbye, wine!) We also have some home projects that we had planned to hire out but now I may need to learn to use power tools. With both kids home over the summer, I am looking for ideas that will be fun as well as a little educational to banish boredom. Since I am not an educator by trade, I know I will be relying on the guidance of others as I develop new skills while simultaneously teaching my children new skills. And I will be finding ways to not lose my sanity surrounded by a 2yr old and 4yr old all day every day. I know there are many more things that will be challenging along this journey and I am looking forward to tackling it all.

So I’m putting it out there as it’s now an officially official decision. I’m looking forward to relishing the days I get to snuggle my kids instead of leaving them for 8-10 hrs a day. I will be here to kiss away the boo boos and see the milestones happen. And I’m looking for any tips that fellow stay at home mom\’s have to make the transition easier!

What are your favorite tips or resources for stay at home parents?

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