I can’t be alone..

You know the saying “keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer“? I feel like it can be applied to mom life.

I am never alone. Literally. My kids follow me everywhere including the bathroom. I know this isn’t unique to me. I’m pretty sure most moms would tell you they have had periods of their lives where they have felt the same.  

But perhaps more terrifying than never having a moment to yourself, is the moment you realize that having that moment alone to do your business means your child has gone off to God only knows where, to do God only knows what. And they can get into a LOT in the approximate 3 minutes you need to do your business. Case in point, this is me doing actual business while my kid does… 

I set him down for approximately 5 minutes so I could invoice and ship with 2 hands.  My back was turned, I could hear the chaos and chose to ignore just so I could get anything done with an ounce of focus. 

Because if you are alone it means so are they. They have become mobile. It’s a milestone you look forward to and then immediately wish it never happened. Once they are mobile, they can move away during the moments you can’t, and this is when they do things like eat the cat food or throw all the freshly folded laundry all over the floor. 

So it’s better to keep them close as often as possible to minimize the messes or the near miss disasters. It’s better to pick up the Tupperware for the 15th time than to find them the moment after they fell off the couch.  

Someday my time will once again mean focus on my task instead of focus broken across my task and who/what/where of a 3yr old and a 1yr old. And until that day, I’m going to assume every mom of two 3 and unders will have a dinner prep that looks like this: 

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