The Best Online Breastfeeding Class

The Best Online Breastfeeding Class

I recently started watched “The Letdown” on Netflix. It is the story of a new mom, dealing with everything that comes with new motherhood. Breastfeeding, sleep issues, relationship issues, bladder issues… its possibly the most real portrayal of what can happen after baby that I’ve seen. Granted, not everyone will experience all these issues. They are real issues not often portrayed in mainstream media. As an older mom who struggled with sleep issues, some serious colic, and breastfeeding, this show really resonated with me. I wish I had access to a mom’s group (or even just a breastfeeding class) like the main character to help me through the struggles!

I attended the new mom class at our local hospital which was focused only on the birth process – no help for what happens after other than basic textbook postpartum newborn care. When I tried to attend a breastfeeding class, no one showed up – not even the teacher! I spent well over $100 for the 2 classes for nothing really helpful except the maternity ward tour. I also wasn’t able to attend our local La Leche League meetings because I was working full time and their meetings were on Tuesday mornings. When my daughter was born, I read multiple blogs, forums, websites, and books to replace what a breastfeeding class should have helped with. There had to be a better way to get comprehensive breastfeeding information.

A Better Breastfeeding Class

I was thrilled when I learned about Milkology’s new online breastfeeding class! Yes, I am done with nursing my littles, but I am happy to refer this to new mom friends. It is online and on-demand so you can fit it into your schedule. Even better, you can watch and re-watch when you need help most. It’s also super affordable at only $19! I have watched all the lessons and have read the included eBooks and tip sheets. SO much fantastic information! It is exactly what I wished I had in one comprehensive spot with both of my kiddos.

Ultimate Breastfeeding Class Contents

There are several videos within the class that discuss the following topics:

Benefits of breastfeeding
Understanding the process
Breastfeeding Techniques
What to Expect
Support & Preparation

I nursed my two kiddos a total of almost 4 years combined. It was such a rewarding experience but I had my struggles. Cluster feeding, never ending pumping sessions, nursing in public… it can be overwhelming! This class covers all of that and more! The Milkology Ultimate Breastfeeding Class is a very affordable and comprehensive resource that I recommend for all new moms and moms-to-be interested in breastfeeding.

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