When does it end?

When does it end?

I want to take my “me time.” I really, really do. But what can you do when both kiddos are sick? Again

Mama in quarantine
You push your wants to the backburner to give them all of “mom”. Picked up your Kindle to read a few pages? The baby sneezes bright green blobs from his nose to his chin. Sit down on the couch to relax for a few?  The toddler starts coughing so much she pukes all over her comforter. 

Sometimes you even push your needs to the back. Need to pee? The baby needs you to hold them nonstop because putting them down is an Oscar worthy crying fit. Need to eat? The toddler needs you to help in the potty. You neeeeeed to sleep?  This is when all heck is sure to break loose.

Our house has been taken over by one bug or another since Thanksgiving. First it was the stomach bug for the toddler which she graciously shared with me. Then my husband and baby came down with a respiratory bug. They were still coughing when I caught it on Christmas. Then the kids both spiked fevers and started coughing over New Year’s weekend. The baby’s 1yr well child turned into finding an ear and sinus infection. 

Poor sick baby
When does it end? 

I found myself despairing because this momma’s heart (and sanity!) can only take so much. I prayed frantically while comforting my babies and rocking them back and forth. Pleaseohpleaseohplease God heal my babies!   

I find myself asking when will the sickness end? I am drained and need to tap out for a while. I want to cry out my exhaustion and frustration to someone too.

So I called my mom. And she is dropping everything to be here for me. And suddenly my burdens seem lighter. Because a mother’s love for her children is a powerful healer. 

These low times can be so, so trying. But now with every feverish snuggle, I’m reminded of how healing that loving gesture can be. They need me right now.

Finally peaceful
I hope that never ends. 

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