Why I Left LuLaRoe

Remember when I said my word of the year would be RENEW?

What a joke that has turned out to be.  This year has been rough to put it mildly, and I felt like I’d been drowning.  Something needed to change.

“… blessing lives and strengthening families…”

It’s a phrase used often in the LuLaRoe world. Blessing people with the product and a way to provide. Strengthening families by easing the financial burdens many families face and providing an avenue to be together more.  It sounds good, but this was far from my experience. There are so many negatives (in my opinion and experience) surrounding LuLaRoe but everything is kept hush-hush. In fact, negativity is banned from team pages and can get you booted from team pages which are the only link to detailed information on what the heck is going on with new processes and policies. But I’m not going to go into all of the crazy, I am going to focus on the most important reason I quit. I quit because it was hurting my family.


My final straw was when my son came crying down the hallway because he just wanted his mom. He needed his mom. But I needed to get dozens of items photographed because I had multiple sales coming up and needed time to still edit and upload everything.  I remember picking him up, finishing the photos of the item already on the mannequin, and saying screw it to the 30 pairs of leggings still waiting in their packages.  I was mentally done.

The team calls following my mental check out were pep talks on how to “work your business” that included gems such as: hire a babysitter so you can work more, feed your kids cereal and spaghettios so you can work instead of cook, buy more so you can sell more, book more pop-ups!!  After my mental check out, the usual pep talks just hit me the wrong. I was working full-time at my day job and full-time plus with LuLaRoe and barely spending time with my family and I didn’t want to hire out more of my life.

That’s when I planned to start my Going Out Of Business sale at the end of April. I had events¬†on my calendar and I wanted to follow through. And then I did our taxes. My sales had averaged around $5k per month since I started which sounds pretty good, right? After figuring out my profit & loss statement for the year I was still “ahead” by about $2k. Which was promptly cancelled out by the fact that I was carrying a balance on the credit card used for ordering.¬†

I had been ignoring my family and running myself ragged for months for… nothing.

I let go of my guilt over quitting, cancelled my events, and planned to sell everything off as soon as possible. It was around this time that negative articles started popping up about LuLaRoe and I found groups on Facebook, vlogs on YouTube and blogs with others telling their truths. Suddenly it wasn’t just ME. I read countless stories of other consultants or ex-consultants who had experienced the same things I had. It was eye-opening and further confirmed my decision

My last pieces of LuLaRoe shipped out on Friday. Suddenly a weight is gone and I am free. Maybe now I can start my renewal.

last items going out the door

7 thoughts on “Why I Left LuLaRoe”

  • So if the negative articles hurt you so much…why would you print this one? Whay did you think when you went into business? In not a consultant just a person but when I was young I worked in direct sales. I’m sorry but your story sounds like “sour grapes” to me. When you own a business of any kind it is demanding of your time and energy. You get out of it what you put into it. It seems to me there is a lot involved in selling Lularoe and I don’t think you went into it well prepared. But no reason to trash other consultants.

    • Thank you for your opinion. The negative articles didn’t hurt me, they confirmed what I had been feeling.

      And as I stated, I work a full time job in addition to the full time hours that LuLaRoe demanded. I also have a 1yr old and a 3yr old that need their mommy and are in daycare while I work my regular job. Time with them is more important TO ME than selling clothing. That is not throwing other consultants under the bus but merely telling my experience and opinions.

      And no disrespect, but if you aren’t a consultant you can’t possibly understand the demands or the issues that this particular business has. It’s a whole different animal from other mlms out there.

  • I’m a consultant and mother of young children (almost 4 and 2). My only jobs are LuLaRoe and mommy-ing, so my experience is a little different from yours for sure. I use my LuLaRoe business to have the ability to stay home with my children. If I didn’t have my LuLaRoe business, I would be away from them even more because I would be forced to get a “normal” 9-5, plus pay for daycare.
    I work hard during my work hours, and I play with my kids and make dinner for my family during my off hours. I only order when i have money in my business checking account. It works for my family. I don’t say that to brag, but to point out that not all consultants have had the same experience as you. My business doesn’t make me millions, but it’s enough. Enough for me to bless lives. Mainly the lives of my husband and children. Bringing attention to blogs like mommygyver hurt my business and hurt my family. You may not have posted any false or overly negative information, but she certainly does. I’m sorry LuLaRoe didn’t work for you, and if it’s not making your life better, you shouldn’t put your time into it, but please don’t bash the company (or send people to a malicious blog) because that hurts those of us who’s lives it DOES improve.

    Good luck in your next adventure!

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